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Be the change you want to see in the world

Like it or not, customers, employees, and shareholders not only look at the products and services of a company but also look at their interests and behaviors.

Today that the values of customers are changing towards more responsibility for the environment, by looking at the volume of waste that is produced daily, green choices that positively affect the environment are more important than ever. This is why many leading companies chose plantable paper as their advertising medium.

Plantable paper, made from post-consumer material by hand, with minimum use of energy and water, has become a unique medium in the advertising industry; because no other media can have such a direct and deep relationship with the audience. Plantable paper not only carries the main advertising message but also accompanies the sense of life, good feelings, joy, and hope with it.

We are proud to make plantable paper in its highest quality, and by continuously researching, testing the seeds, and providing controlled printing and finishing services, can help our clients to make a better world together each time with a plant.


Plan for a wonderful promotion. You can send your custom shape or we can help you find one.These shapes can be used individually or attached to your readily designed promotions.

Be unforgettable with plantable cards! For ordering plantable cards, you only need to send your design to us or you can have our creative team design for you.

With a Plantable Business Card, not only you give contact information in a unique and memorable way, you make a memorable moment of giving some plants. Business cards could also be ordered in the form of plantable shapes.

You have your promotion design ready but think it is not complete? With a Palntable Shape you can complete your work, and not only make it more interesting but also add some interaction to it. Send us your shape design or use our ready shapes.

With Plantable paper not only you are giving an interesting gift, but also a memorable experience of planting. Also some plants will be remained from your gift.

Invite your audiance to read books or have a gift for your book reader audiance. Accompany an inspiring sentence with the experience of planting.

Notebook with Plantable Cover could be a very inspiring gift. You can send you custom design or choose from our ready designs.

Design your custom Calendar andsendittoustohavea Plantable Calendar. Plantable Calendar not only is a green and eco-friendly corporate gift, but also gives your audiance sence of vitality and freshness throughout the year.

Besides making a unique and unforgettable experience, with Plantable Tag you show your responsibility and concern towards environment to your customers. Be sure, no one forgets good feeling of getting such product.

By giving Plantable Paper in your events as name tags or wrist bands, make more sense of cooperation and responsibility towards nature.

Use Plantable Money to give growth massage to your customres, or use it to remind the real values of earth we need to respect and cherish.

Are you looking for a creative and eco-friendly package? Use Plantable Paper for your packaging to make it wonderful and go toward a waste-free world.