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Her Being Well; Our Well-Being

She has been here for us to show up, and there for us to grow up. In her cosy arms, she looks after the living things. She is the embodiment of caring love, but it is in her nature to nurture only through natural balance. Yes, this single mother for all is our second-to-none, Mother Earth.

In a move to return her endless favors, while enjoying her countless flavors; we launched an emporium to supply the finest health-promoting products that are sustainable quantity-wise, yet priceless quality-wise.

Our brand name is inspired by the ancient goddess of immortality, Amertaat, who is the guardian of plants. The specific plant associated with Amertaat is the lily flower, which is a symbol of purity, longevity, and rebirth. So, our logo represents a six-petaled lily flower resembling an angel with her wings wide open, inviting us to enjoy balanced lives on earth with timeless mirth.

Health to the power of Earth

As the adage goes, only in a healthy body does reside a sound mind. And, as the maxim goes, the more natural the food, the healthier the mood.

So, here’s to a natural lifestyle in wellbeing, where everyone’s health depends on the health of Mother Earth. Our Formula to Longevity is Health to the power of Earth.

Who our Parent Company is

part of Symax group, Amertaat is the flagship company promoting better health through super-foods with enormous natural wellness for body and mind making them available through various health and well-being and health and beauty channels helping a healthier lifestyle

symax group Investing in Ideas that move humanity forward and nurturing relationships by staying close to those who choose to partner with the group.