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Rare. Energizing. Delicious.
Gift yourself the essence of joy, the garnish of longevity, the rare purity.
Red24 Saffron is as pure as 24-Carat gold giving a Midas touch to your foods and drinks.

Classic Collection

Timeless Elegance (3g-15g)

Joyous Collection

Vibrant & Uplifting (10g-25g)

Royal Blue Collection

Regal Luxury (10g-25g)


Special Edition (25g)

Festive Collection

Celebratory Spirit (50g)

Jewels Of Heaven

Ethereal & Celestial (100-125g)

Rainbow Explosion

Saffron Powder (5g)

Are you an aspiring food connoisseur? Or do you simply wish to elevate your culinary experience at home? Our range of Red 24 saffron boxes are perfect for adding that extra touch of delight! Embrace the exotic aroma, savour its luxurious texture, and engage your visual senses with its rich, royal colour- our Red 24 Saffron is a delicate affair that you cannot resist indulging your senses into. Key Features: - Handpicked by local farmers from organic farms located in the West Asian highlands - Pure and natural (as tested and certified by authorised laboratories) - We only use Grade 1 Saffron (ISO 3632-1:2011 certified) which comes from the best part of the stigmas - Unprocessed and free from artificial colouring, preservatives or additives