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A sophisticated experience, an immersion in the scents and flavors of a history with deep roots and multiple influences. Persian tradition merges with Italian culinary culture to awaken the senses. Red 24 is a Super Negin saffron: it is the most precious and sought-after cut. It allows obtaining the most valuable part of the saffron flower, from which both the powdered and filament products are derived. A precious, rare, exclusive Middle Eastern saffron. A powerful antioxidant, a natural aphrodisiac, every gram contains a high concentration of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin C. Its active principles derive from its high quantity of crocin, picrocrocin, and safranal.

Independent tests confirm Red 24's record values:
Crocins define the intensity of color, its value is > 250 (to obtain category I certification, a parameter >190 is required)
Safranal indicates the intensity of aroma, its value is > 35 (to obtain category I certification, a parameter >20 is required)
Picrocrocin measures the intensity of taste, its value is >90 (to obtain category I certification, a parameter >70 is required)

For these reasons, Red 24 is the most appreciated saffron by the best chefs in Italy."
Photo of a pistil containing Red24 saffron threads against a dark background

Saffron Pistils

Weight 5 gr

Photo of a glass bottle containing red24 saffron powder placed next to the box packaging in which it is delivered.

Saffron Powder

Weight 15 gr

Photo of glass bottle of Red24 saffron powder held between two fingers to showcase the deep red color.

Saffron Powder

Weight 25 gr