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Booster for Health
Tender to Earth

Lab-Certified Qualities
In Sustainable Quantities

Booster for Health
Tender to Earth

Lab-Certified Qualities
In Sustainable Quantities

Highest level Saffron experience

Rare. Energizing. Delicious. Our RED24 gourmet saffron is as pure as 24-Carat gold giving a Midas touch to your foods and drinks.

And, yes, precious things come in small packages. Gift yourself and your loved ones with a rare purity that has been the Essence of Joy for over 3000 years.

we have selected

the best for you

Amertaat promotes a culture of “Positive Eating”. Just as positive thinking leads to productivity and mental wellbeing, positive eating leads to vitality and physical wellbeing.

Our select collection of gourmet superfoods help boost your feelgood mood so that you live an impactful long life happily and healthily.

RED 24 Saffron

Plantable Paper

Garden Fresh Dried Fruits

Endoursed by
2023 best youngest chef by the Michelin, Chef Luigi

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Photo of the famous Chef Francois Leo, standing next to a table showcasing Red24 Saffron and boxes of honey at the Emirates Palace.
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Chef Francois Leo
Executive Chef, EMIRATES Palace


Be at one with Mother Nature

Amertaat denotes a legendary passion for the longevity and well-being of the young and old, nourishing them with a healthy and thriving lifestyle.

Amertaat we believe in the human connection with Mother Nature and this is the reason why all our products are as close as possible to the best of what Mother Nature offers.


From the desk of Amertaat

Calling all vendors

We are always looking for passionate and dedicated farmers, vendors and distributors to work with. If providing healthy, natural food to the world is one of your specialities then we’d like to hear from you.