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Our Ethos


Nature-Infused Goodness

Given that Nature provides the purest of foods for body and mind, Amertaat Products follow the principles of staying as close as possible to their natural state. We strive to follow this basic principle as our guideline in selecting our products from the highest quality of ethically-produced crops, harvesting the land in an environment-friendly manner, with due regards to sustainability principles and quality assurance practices.

Our journey into the world of gourmet superfoods and nature-based products begins with the millennial essence of joy, the garnish of longevity- RED24 SAFFRON.

Team Values

Driven by a timeless ancient philosophy, our team of seasoned professionals adhere to the maxims of "Goodness of Thoughts", "Goodness of Words", and "Goodness of Actions" in creating ideals from ideas for those who not only care about their own health but the wellbeing of our one-and-only Mother Earth.

Coming from diverse nationalities, we all share a unified cause of supplying natural goodness in the form of gourmet superfoods and nature-based products for all.

The Rare Purity

Saffron is historically known as the red gold for its precious characteristics. Red24 is inspired by the purity of 24-Karat gold and the rarity of Saffron in nature, which are the underlying features of our product range.

Red24 is the regal garnish to spice up life beyond foods and drinks. Certified by independent laboratories, Red24 is a natural health-enhancer and joy-booster for enjoying a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Health & Culinary

Saffron has long been the luxury spice that would raise the spirit of any cuisine to higher levels of delight.

Health & Beauty

Anti-aging, skin lightening, and antioxidant characteristics are only a few of benefits that the natural composition of Saffron offers.